First Sunday Daughter Reviews

Happy February! (And Super Bowl Sunday, for those sportsball fans… we had a fun conversation with C’s boyfriend last night about “sportsball”. He was amused that we didn’t know a whole lot about sports. And by our justification that dodgeball and four square are “sports”…

Speaking of C she’s been talking to the college admissions center at school and they handed her this:


She’s found it incredibly useful.

A’s been working on her reading projects at school. She’s had to read two books nominated for the William Allen White award and I talked her into these:


She really liked Loot, implausible as it is. And is thoroughly enjoying Greenglass House.

K is reading a bunch:

squirrelgirl 52552-lionwitchwardrobe9780449014165

The first is for fun (“I’m really liking it!”), the second is for Battle of the Books, and the third is just a dipping in/dipping out sort of book.

What are you reading these days?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: The Christmas Book Haul Edition

First, the books that all the girls got for Christmas (mostly asked for):

M asked for this because she visited it over the summer when she was in Paris:



C didn’t ask for this, but really loved getting it anyway:


E asked for some of these; she’s a hard person to buy books for!


A decided she wanted to be a completest and get the rest of Rick Riordan’s books


though Grandma and Grandpa also got her this, which she loves (and the rest of us mostly groan at)


and K wanted to fill out our graphic novels. She was very excited by these!


What books did you get for Christmas?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: December 2016

The semester is winding down, the kids are tucked away doing homework, and yet they, unlike me, find time to read (mostly). Here’s what they’re reading:

I threw this at C

caravaland told her she’d like it. She didn’t pick it up for ages, mostly (as she told me) because I didn’t do a very good job of pitching it. But when she picked it up, she plowed through it and loved it. It really is that good.

A is working her way through these again


She’s already on Goblet of Fire. The one thing she said she didn’t remember? That Harry was incredibly sassy in the first few books.

And K is still working on Story Thieves from last month but has also discovered our World Book Christmas Collection. I don’t have the picture of the Scotland one that she’s been poring through, but she’s enjoying it immensely.

I’m just glad they’re still making time to read!

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: November 2016

Happy November! I think we’re finally (!) cooling down here, and I’m finally mostly back on top of things at home and finally looking forward to the holidays. I desperately want to spend a weekend not running around or cleaning the yard or baking (which is how I’ve spent the past couple of weekends), and just READ. I say that, though, and yet when I do have the time, I find that I’m lacking the focus I need to do just that.

My kids are knee-deep in school projects and homework and concerts, but they’ve found a bit of time to read here an there.

C and E are reading this for their AP Literature and Composition class:


They’re enjoying it, I think. C is finding it interesting to read through, since she was in the play as an extra her freshman year.

I finally convinced A to read this:


I REALLY want her to like this one. *fingers crossed*

And K was going through my piles of books and found this one:


So, far she’s REALLY liking it. And she’s basically convinced me that I need to read it,  as well.

What are your kids reading?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: September 2016

It’s September, and we’re off! Full-swing into school, musical rehearsals starting up this week, post-Labor Day (almost) move into fall.

And what are the girls reading?

C and E are buried in school work, but C did pick this up after K had it out reading it a while back:


She said she’d forgotten how awesome it was.

A picked up one of my ARCs and has been reading it:


It’s Sherlock and Moriarty, and she’s really enjoying it, even if Sherlock is annoying.

K has been bouncing around old books and graphic novels lately, re-reading some of her favorites. When I asked why, she said it was because she loves them so much. Can’t argue with that!

What are your kids reading?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: August 2016

Ah, August. The end of summer (at least around here; though it’s coming a week later this year), the hottest month of the year (except it’s been coolish and rainy), the time when we’re just too lazy to do much of anything. At least there’s the Olympics to watch this year!

M recently headed back up to KU, but before she went, managed (of course; she’s our resident Potterhead) to read this:

She has issues with it — most specifically, with the portrayal of Ron — but she enjoyed being in the world again.

C and E are stuck with AP Literature and Composition homework that they’re (finally) getting around to doing. Which means reading this:


Neither one are impressed, so far. In fact, they think Capote needs a better editor.

A finally finished the Raven Cycle (which she LOVED) and tried this one:


She bailed after a while, though. Not her cup of tea. Which makes sense. She’s musing about reading Cursed Child right now, but she might change her mind.

And K picked this to read with Hubby:


Neither one have read it, so I’m interested to see what they think.

What are your kids reading?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: June 2016

It’s summer! And I’ve lost all track of time.  Which is why, at 2 p.m., I realized I hadn’t done this month’s First Sunday Daughter Reviews. (It’s a first Sunday? What?)  And thankfully, there is some reading being done around here.

M is devouring everything I give her. Most recently, this:


She’s loving it. (Previously read: Scorpio Races and The Golem and the Djinni) It’s nice not having to read for school!

E and C have joined me in the Chaos Walking book group at work and are reading this:


We’re all really enjoying it. It’s so different.

A has a pile of books that she wants to read, but she went down the Raven Cycle rabbit hole, and is currently on this:


Raven King is still on back order (WHEN will it be in again? I DON’T KNOW.) and she doesn’t know what she’ll do when she finishes Blue Lily.

And K has taken to going to the library on her own, to pick up books. The latest haul included this:


Which she already had Hubby read to her, but is enjoying reading on her own.

What are your kids reading?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: May 2016

I’m not the only one not reading a lot around here.  Life certainly has gotten busy for all of us, and reading — especially reading for pleasure — isn’t on the top of the list. Which, not surprisingly, makes me sad.

C’s group bailed on Code Name Verity (boo!) (Though E’s group is still going strong, and she’s actually kind of liking it.), and has instead chosen to read To Live. However, the next Kiera Cass book comes out on Tuesday, so that’s really what she’s looking forward to reading:

9780062392176 I do have a mild beef with this one — for whatever reason, there’s a Super Special Exclusive edition with a Super Special Epilogue (guess which one C wants), and it’s only available through Barnes and Noble. And as an employee of an independent bookstore, I was a bit miffed (that’s being mild). Yeah, I did pre-order it through B&N (I love my daughter) and it’s getting shipped to the house (convenient, sure). But aside from shopping at the competition, my complaint is this: go ahead and do super special stuff for your book and your fans, but don’t favor one place to purchase the book over another. (At least when Rick Riordan does it, he does something Super Special — and different — for each place the book is sold.)

A has been working on reading non-fiction this past week or so for school. But what she’s REALLY looking forward to is this:


She’s VERY excited about this one. (And as a side note: we’re one of a handful of stores that got a Deluxe Trials of Apollo Party Kit — I now have an Official Camp Half Blood shirt! — which I’m throwing on May 14th. I’m actually quite excited about this one.)

K has fallen for these:

lumberjanes1So much that she nags me about picking them up from the library. And she reads them over and over. We may just have to buy them! Ripley is her favorite. (Mine, too.)

What are your kids reading this month?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: April 2016

Well, after a week of being indecisive, the weather has finally settled on it being spring here. I like spring in Kansas. It’s short, but I do love the flowers and the leaves coming out, and the general greenness that I miss during the winter.

As for the girls, they are getting some reading done. Both C and E are reading this for English class:


So far, they say it’s a bit boring. I’m afraid I’ve hyped it up too much, and they won’t like it. I hope they do. *fingers crossed*

A is re-reading this because she has to read a William Allen White book (that’s our state award), and we had this kicking around the house:


She says Sierra is her favorite character because she doesn’t care about the game and just reads the entire time. Good reasons.

K and Hubby are reading this:


They’re not too far into it (they just started a few days ago), but she’s enjoying it so far. She’s aware enough to know what’s coming at the end, but she’s enjoying discovering it for the first time.

What are your kids reading?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: March 2016

Happy (almost) Spring! I’d say it feels like it here, but we never really had much of a winter. It is nice to see flowers coming up though. (On the downside: allergies are back in swing. Yippee!)

We started watching the Shadowhunters TV show, and A got into it so much, she plowed through these:

City_of_Bones images  images (1)

She has all the feels.

I brought home an advance copy of this for K


She LOVED it. Seriously. Thought it was wild and fun.

M and E are reading Antigone in class. They’re familiar with the story already, and are loving the reactions of the class as they go through the story. We do love our Greeks around here.

What are you reading this month?