First Sunday Daughter Reviews

Happy February! (And Super Bowl Sunday, for those sportsball fans… we had a fun conversation with C’s boyfriend last night about “sportsball”. He was amused that we didn’t know a whole lot about sports. And by our justification that dodgeball and four square are “sports”…

Speaking of C she’s been talking to the college admissions center at school and they handed her this:


She’s found it incredibly useful.

A’s been working on her reading projects at school. She’s had to read two books nominated for the William Allen White award and I talked her into these:


She really liked Loot, implausible as it is. And is thoroughly enjoying Greenglass House.

K is reading a bunch:

squirrelgirl 52552-lionwitchwardrobe9780449014165

The first is for fun (“I’m really liking it!”), the second is for Battle of the Books, and the third is just a dipping in/dipping out sort of book.

What are you reading these days?

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