First Sunday Daughter Reviews: April 2016

Well, after a week of being indecisive, the weather has finally settled on it being spring here. I like spring in Kansas. It’s short, but I do love the flowers and the leaves coming out, and the general greenness that I miss during the winter.

As for the girls, they are getting some reading done. Both C and E are reading this for English class:


So far, they say it’s a bit boring. I’m afraid I’ve hyped it up too much, and they won’t like it. I hope they do. *fingers crossed*

A is re-reading this because she has to read a William Allen White book (that’s our state award), and we had this kicking around the house:


She says Sierra is her favorite character because she doesn’t care about the game and just reads the entire time. Good reasons.

K and Hubby are reading this:


They’re not too far into it (they just started a few days ago), but she’s enjoying it so far. She’s aware enough to know what’s coming at the end, but she’s enjoying discovering it for the first time.

What are your kids reading?

2 thoughts on “First Sunday Daughter Reviews: April 2016

  1. My kiddo continues to read from the Fabelhaven series, not sure which one at the moment. I think it is like the third re-read or something. Unfortunately, they have to read from four different genres, including a nonfiction by the end of the semester, so I think I’m going to see an unhappy reader soon.


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