First Sunday Daughter Reviews: December 2016

The semester is winding down, the kids are tucked away doing homework, and yet they, unlike me, find time to read (mostly). Here’s what they’re reading:

I threw this at C

caravaland told her she’d like it. She didn’t pick it up for ages, mostly (as she told me) because I didn’t do a very good job of pitching it. But when she picked it up, she plowed through it and loved it. It really is that good.

A is working her way through these again


She’s already on Goblet of Fire. The one thing she said she didn’t remember? That Harry was incredibly sassy in the first few books.

And K is still working on Story Thieves from last month but has also discovered our World Book Christmas Collection. I don’t have the picture of the Scotland one that she’s been poring through, but she’s enjoying it immensely.

I’m just glad they’re still making time to read!

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