Monthly Round-Up: April 2017

So, I know it doesn’t look like it when you see the books below, but my reading actually ground to  a halt for a bit this month. (Most of these were read in March, believe it or not.) Which means, next month’s posting may be kind of light. We’ll see. I pulled an old favorite off the shelf a week or so ago and am slowly working through it, and I read the third in a series that I love, so maybe I can find books to read.

That said, my favorite last month (no surprise here):

Strange the Dreamer

M had some valid criticisms of it, but overall, I thought it was gorgeous.

Middle Grade:

Amina’s Voice
Funny Girl
The Star Thief


The Thief (reread)
Thick as Thieves
I Shall Wear Midnight (reread)

Graphic Novel:

5 Worlds: The Sand Warrior


Good Clean Fun (audio)


Small Gods

What was your favorite this month?

Monthly Round-Up: March 2017

Time is just slipping away from me; how can it be that it’s the last day of the month?

My favorite this month, or at least the one I can’t stop thinking about:

Hillbilly Elegy (audio book)

The audio is excellent, and I  keep seeing its relevance all around me (most recently in the rollbacks of the clean air policies). Definitely worth reading.

As for the rest…


Exit West
A Study in Scarlet


The Falconer

Middle Grade:

Flying Lessons (audio book)


The Princess Diarist (audio book)
The Tao of Pooh

Graphic Novels:

One Trick Pony
Yvain: The Knight of the Lion

What were your favorites this month?

Monthly Round-up: February 2017

Between rough times at work and being sick, this month got away from me. So, I’m not surprised that I’m a day late on this!

My favorite this month, also happened to be the Cybils Audiobook winner:


The Inquisitor’s Tale (audio book)

Really. Such a well-done audiobook, and a great story as well!

As for the rest:

Middle Grade:

seeyouinthecosmos woodenprince

See You in the Cosmos

Out of Abaton: The Wooden Prince (audio book)



Victoria (audiobook)


traitortothethrone likeariverglorious cityofsaints troublemakes wintersmith


Like a River Glorious
City of Saints & Thieves
Trouble Makes a Comeback
Wintersmith (reread)
Traitor to the Throne

What were your favorite reads this month?

Monthly Round-Up: January 2017

I suppose now is as a good of time as any to announce that I’ve gone back to school to get my MLIS. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while (say, 6 years or so), and I’ve finally reached a point in my life where we can not only afford it (sort of), but I can fit it in (hopefully). I’m not quitting my job, so between the demands of that, and the demands of the program (though I’m taking it REALLY slow: only one class at a time), I don’t know how much blogging will be taking place. I was a much more sporadic blogger when I started 12 years ago (!), and even though I’ve been blogging pretty steadily for a while now, I think I might go back to where I was when I started. As long as I’m reading, though, I’ll be blogging: I have to have somewhere to put all my thoughts.

That said, the best book this month?

worldofpoohThe World of Pooh

It was a touch choice between that and Tiffany Aching. But Pooh Bear was such a delight to read. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

And the rest:


hammerofthor weefreemen hatfullofsky thissavagesong

This Savage Song
A Hat Full of Sky
The Wee Free Men
The Hammer of Thor


squirrelgirl matchstick theplaybook

The Matchstick Castle
The Playbook
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Meets World

Graphic Novel

Ms. Marvel: Super Famous

What was your favorite this month?

Monthly Round-Up: December 2016

Tis the week after Christmas and there hasn’t been much time for much of anything. Still, I had a decent enough month for reading…

Stay tuned for the year-end wrap up tomorrow!

Middle Grade:



flawed proxy caraval weareokay

Flawed (audio)
We Are Okay



todaywillbedifferent readerimarriedhim billylynn meg

Today Will Be Different (audio)
Reader, I Married Him
Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

Graphic Novel:

fishgirl newsprints tetris

Tetris: The Games People Play
Fish Girl


Lone Survivor (DNF)

Monthly Round Up: November 2016

So, my reading completely and utterly slowed down in November. And I really didn’t have a favorite this month; it’s all kind of a blur.  I suspect I’m not the only one in this situation…

That said, here’s what I did get read. And here’s hoping December (with all its busy) will be a better reading month.


threedarkcrowns jacobhaveiloved fallingoversideways crookedkingdom
Three Dark Crowns (audio)
Jacob Have I Loved
Falling Over Sideways
Crooked Kingdom

Middle Grade
whenthesea journeysend
When the Sea Turned to Silver
Journey’s End

voracious searchingfor
Searching for John Hughes (DNF)

Graphic Novel
Razzle Dazzle Unicorn

Monthly Round-up: October 2016

On the one hand, I’m sitting here thinking, “I survived the fall! YAY!” On the other hand, I’m sitting here thinking, “Where on EARTH did the fall go? I’m not ready for the holidays!”

I keep telling myself, “Deep breaths. You can do this.”

And most days, I can.

Thankfully, I have a LOT of good books to keep me sane. My favorite this month, by far:


The Sun is Also a Star

So, SO good.

As for the rest…

Middle grade:

insertcoint 9781484709672 missypigglewiggleunbound

Insert Coin to Continue
The Creeping Shadow
Missy Piggle-Wiggle and the Whatever Cure


diabolic myladyjane heartlesswhatlightundertow

The Diabolic
My Lady Jane
What Light




My Kitchen Year (audio)

What were your favorites this month?