Monthly Round-up: September 2019

Thoughts? I read an awful lot of adult fiction this month. A LOT. And I’ve noticed over the months that I’ve read less and less middle grade. I wonder why.

My favorite this month?

She is such a good historical fiction writer.


That Inevitable Victorian Thing


The Peacock Emporium
Autopsy of a Boring Wife
The Reckless Oath We Made (audio)
The Testaments
Ninth House

Middle Grade:

Some Places More than Others
Dear Sweet Pea


The Sun is a Compass (audio)

Graphic Novels:

Here There Be Gerblins
Best Friends

What was your favorite this month?


Monthly Round-Up: August 2019

To be completely honest, while I did read this month, a good portion of what was posted I read back in June. It’s just that way sometimes.

My favorite this month?

It’s foul, it’s weird, it’s AMAZINGLY narrated, and I ate up every minute of it.

Middle Grade:

My Life as an Ice Cream Sandwich


Hope and Other Punch Lines
The Girl the Sea Gave Back
Steel Tide

Graphic Novel:

Mighty Jack and Zita the Spacegirl
This Was Our Pact

Adult Fiction:

The Stone Sky
Wyrd Sisters


Naturally Tan (audio)

What were your favorites this month?

Monthly Round-Up: June 2019

It’s summer and I want fluffy and romance and brain candy and this one totally fit the bill:

Really, it was exactly what I needed this month.

As for the rest:

Middle Grade

Other Words for Home


Hearts Unbroken
Love from A to Z
Three Sides of a Heart (audio)
The Inexplicable Logic of My Life
Gunslinger Girl (reread: link to old review)



Adult Fiction

Where We Come From
Equal Rites

Graphic Novel

Queen of the Sea
5 Worlds: The Red Maze

What was your favorite this month?

Monthly Round-Up: May 2019

I survived the class! Yay! And it was full of interesting discussion. So double yay! And I didn’t get much reading done the second half of the month, so pretty much everything here I read in the first half.

My favorite?

It was really a compelling story, incredibly well-written. Acevedo really is a writer to watch!

And for the rest:

Middle Grade:

The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street
Glory Be
Indian Shoes
Return to Sender
The Circuit

Young Adult:

Miles Morales Spider Man
Who Will Tell My Brother?

Graphic Novels:

Lowriders to the Center of the Earth


Save Me the Plums (audio book)

Adult Fiction:

There There

Ones I read but didn’t write (another) review for:

One Crazy Summer
Tequila Worm (this one fell through the cracks, and didn’t get reviewed even though it should have)
The Sun is Also a Star
A Step from Heaven

What was your favorite this month?

Monthly Round-Up: March 2019

It’s been quite the month. But, as I write this, I have enjoyed a couple of days off and am actually thinking about gardening instead of working all the time. It’s heavenly. And maybe I’ll even read more books next month!

And, since it was Middle Grade March, it’s probably appropriate that my favorite was a middle grade book:

Smart, funny, and a whole lot of fun to read!

As for the rest:

Middle Grade:

Lost Rainforest: Mez’s Magic
Ben Braver and the Incredible Exploding Kid
The Three Rules of Everyday Magic

Young Adult:

Field Notes on Love
The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe
Love, Hate & Other Filters


Eternal Life
The Bookshop of Yesterdays (audio)

What was your favorite this month?