Monthly Round-up: January 2018

January, in which my reading comes to a screeching halt. Which isn’t true; I’ve been reading, but it’s all books that are out in February or March, so it just doesn’t look like I am. Also, class started. Can I tell you a secret about the class? I’m loving it. (No surprise.) And I’m kind of an instigator on the discussion boards (though no one has really taken me on); I’ve had to defend audio books, Madeline, and In the Night Kitchen so far. We’ll see how the rest of the semester goes.

My favorite this month:

The Cruel Prince

So, so very good.

Young Adult:

The Belles
The Burning Sky
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Middle Grade:

The Middle Moffat
Beezus and Ramona
The Wolf Hour (audio book)


Holidays on Ice (audio book)

What were your favorites this month?


Monthly Round-Up: December 2017

Ninety percent of my reading this month was for the Cybils (almost done! The shortlist announcements are on Monday!).

The best this month goes to one that’s not out until January:


Simply remarkable. Oh: and my best-of the year will be out tomorrow!

Middle Grade:

Beyond the Doors
A Face Like Glass
Dragon’s Green
Miss Ellicott’s School for the Magically Minded
Just Like Jackie
Penelope March is Melting
A Properly Unhaunted Place
The Unicorn in the Barn
The Great Hibernation
Journey Across the Hidden Islands
York: the Shadow Cipher
Rise of the Jumbies
The Dragon with the Chocolate Heart


American Heart
A Land of Permanent Goodbyes
Gunslinger Girl
Truly Devious
Turtles All the Way Down

Adult Fiction:

Sing Unburied Sing (audio)

What were some of your favorites this month?

Monthly Round-Up: November 2017

This was a Cybils month, in which I spent nearly all of it immersed in the world of Middle Grade Speculative Fiction, with a healthy dose of YA Speculative Fiction, as well. ¬†There’s some great stuff out there, the best (that I read this month) of which is:

Last Day on Mars

Seriously. SO very good.

As for the rest…

Middle Grade:

The Supernormal Sleuthing Service
Danger Gang and the Pirates of Borneo
A Crack in the Sea
A Prisoner of Ice and Snow
Pablo and Birdy
Me and Marvin Gardens
Spirit Hunters
A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting


Scorpio Races
Disappeared (audio book)

What was your favorite book you read this month?

Monthly Round-up: October 2017

It’s been another crazy month, but I swear, every day, that I’m going to get more reading done than I actually do. That said, I read/listened to some really great books this month. My favorite was this:

All the Crooked Saints

And not just because Maggie came to Wichita (again)! She is seriously the best.

As for the rest…

Middle Grade:

The Empty Grave
Lumberjanes: Unicorn Power



Daughter of the Pirate King
You Bring the Distant Near
Wonder Woman: Warbringer (audio book)

Adult Fiction:

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars (audio book)

Graphic Novel

Lighter Than My Shadow
Invisible Emmie

What were your favorites this month?

Monthly Round-Up: September 2017

It’s the little things, y’know? Sure, they bring you joy, especially on a down day, but they also seem to gum up the works, especially when you thought you had it done and scheduled, and didn’t realize until late that you don’t. Sure, I could wait until tomorrow, but I’m here, I’m up…

And my favorite this month?


It was just such a good book. And it made me wish I hasn’t missed the Riot Grrrl movement in the early 90s.

As for the rest?

Adult Fiction

Class Mom

Young Adult


Middle Grade

Orphan Island (audio book)
The First Rule of Punk
I’m Just No Good at Rhyming

Young Adult

Jane, Unlimited

Graphic Novels

Swing It, Sunny


Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud


What were your favorites this month?

Monthly Round Up: August 2017

This month was a bit better with reading. At least I read something other than graphic novels…

My favorite was:

Sweet Spot

I just really loved reading about ice cream. I suppose that says a lot about me.

The rest:

Middle Grade Fiction

Dear Mr. Henshaw
The Countdown Conspiracy

Young Adult Fiction

Mask of Shadows
Genuine Fraud

Adult Fiction

Young Jane Young

Graphic Novels

All’s Faire in Middle School
Mighty Jack and the Goblin King

What was your favorite this month?

Montly Round-Up: June 2017

I am up to my eyeballs in school, camp preparations (I’m doing most of the sessions of Camp Watermark this year, and while I’m enjoying it, it’s a LOT of work. Thankfully, I have a FANTASTIC teen helper), and trying to stay on top of my regular work. I’m not home much. And while I’m reading… it’s not as much as I used to. (Thank heavens for audiobooks on the commute!)

My favorite this month?

Words in Deep Blue

SO good. Seriously. Such an incredible romance.

As for the rest….

Middle Grade:

Henry Huggins
The Secret Grave
Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora
Beyond the Bright Sea (audio)


I Believe in a Thing Called Love
The Dark Prophecy¬†(Did you see?? He’s coming to Wichita! I’m SO EXCITED!)


The Best of Adam Sharp (audio) (DNF)

What was your favorite this month?