Monthly Round-up: January 2023

What do you do, if the first book you finished this year is not just your favorite of the month, but you know will be on your top 10 of the year? it’s a high standard to live up to.

Even so, this will absolutely be one of my favorites of the year:

As for the rest:

Adult Fiction:

Now Is Not the Time to Panic (audiobook)
Everyone in My Family has Killed Someone (audiobook)
The Flatshare

Young Auldt:

Seraphina (reread)
Highly Suspicious and Unfairly Cute (audiobook)


My Hygge Home (audiobook)
Spare (audiobook)

What was your favorite this month?

Monthly Round-Up December 2022

As per usual, I’ll round up the whole year tomorrow. As for December… It was another graphic novel-heavy month, but I didn’t mind. I was buy at work,a nd having a graphic novel to come home to was perfect. That said, my favorite wasn’t one

Nettle & Bone

I picked it up because it made a friend’s best-of list this year, and I was not disappointed.

As for the rest:


Beyond the Wand (audiobook)

Young Adult:

Lightlark (audiobook)
The Shepherd’s Crown (reread)

Graphic Novels:

Captain America: The Ghost Army
Victory for Ukraine
Magical Boy

The Wolf Suit
A Tale as Tall as Jacob
The Doors to Nowhere
Just Roll With it
Cat’s Cradle

The Greatest Thing
Messy Roots
Adora and the Distance
Numb to This

The Golden Hour
The Woman in the Woods
Miss Quinces

Smaller Sister
PlayLike a Girl

Victory. Stand!
Tiny Dancer

Stay tuned tomorrow for my best-of-the-year!

Monthly Round-Up: November 2022

I was sitting here, writing reviews when I realized what day it was! I’ve been so busy with work and reading for the Cybils, that everything has just gotten away from me. I’m impressed that any of my Christmas shopping has gotten done. Seriously.

My favorite this month:

Surrender (audiobook)

Really one of the best celebrity memoirs I’ve read in a long time. As for the rest:

Graphic Novels:

Little Monarchs
The Real Riley Mayes
Apple Crush
M is for Monster
Piece by Piece
Himawari House

Anne of West Philly
Two-Headed Chicken
Batman, Robin, and Howard

Welcome to St. Hell
Constantine: Distorted Illusions
If Anything Happens, I Love You
The Flamingo
Living with Viola
Button Pusher

Middle Grade:

The Way I Say It




Susan, Linda, Nina, & Cokie

What was your favorite this month?

Monthly Round-Up: September 2022

I now, second verse, same as the first: I’m just not reading. That’s going to have to change: I’m on the round one panel for Graphinc Novels in this year’s Cybils. So, while I’ still having problems really sinking my teeth into a book, graphic novels seem up my alley, and I’ve not done round one there before. Should be fun!

I did read some charming books this month, though. My favorite:

Insightful, engaging, and just so good.

As for the rest:

Graphic novels:

Garlic and the Vampire
Garlic and the Witch


I Shall Wear Midnight (old review)
Asar on Fire (audiobook)
Heat Wave

Adult Fiction:

The Thursday Murder Club

What was your favorite this month?

Monthly Round-Up: August 2022

It’s been a month. That’s really the best I can say. I did have a favorite this month, out of the few that I read:

Tamsyn Muir is brilliant. Period.

Middle Grade:

The Marvelous Land of Snergs

Graphic Novels:

Isla to Island

Adult Fiction

Bookish People (audiobook)


The Agathas
A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking

Maybe someday I’ll stop lamenting my “lack of reading” and just accept that this is how much i read now. Someday.

What was your favorite this month?

Monthly Round-Up: July 2022

I read a few things. I don’t know why I didn’t read more. no rime? just not in the mood? I don’t know. Maybe I just need to accept that I don’t read as much as I used to anymore and move on. At least I’m still reading, right? My favorite this month was an old favorite, a comfort read:

Wee Fee Men (old review)

As for the rest:


A Hat Full of Sky (old review)

Graphic Novel:

Realm of the Blue Mist


Mother Brain
Radical Love (audiobook)

Adult Fiction:

Counterfeit (audiobook)
Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow (audiobook)

What was your favorite this month?

Monthly Round-Up: June 2022

Another month not reading a ton, another month when my TBR pile grows larger (though I een did a purge this month) and I think about all the things I’m not reading.

My favorite this month:

Seriously: we need more Ionas in this world.

And the rest:


The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea


Yerba Buena (audiobook)
Flying Solo (audiobook)
Finlay Donovan is Killing It


Easy Beauty (audiobook)
This is Not a Book About Benedict Cumberbatch

We’ll see what next month brings, won’t we?

Monthly Round-Up: May 2022

If it’s possible, I read even less this month than last. I did like most of what I read, so maybe that’s part of things: I’m being more selective with what I read. I also moved to the basement for my job, which is quiet and away from customers, so I picked up listening to audiobooks more. (Which is why there are three this month instead of my usual one).

No favorites this month. Here’s what I managed to finish:


Forging Silver Into Stars
The Door of No Return

Adult Fiction:

The Charm Offensive (audiobook)
Fugitive Telemetry


Go Back to Where You Came From (audiobook)
Call Me Chef, Dammit! (audiobook)

Graphic Novels:

Swim Team

Monthly Round-Up: April 2022

I hit a reading stop this month. I am surrounded by piles of books, and all I want to read are comfort reads. (I’m not really in reading what I’m “supposed to be” reading right now.) Which means, too, that I’m not blogging a lot either.

Here’s what I blogged about this month:

Graphic Novels:

The Aquanaut
Heartstopper Volume 4


The Honeys


Wintering (audiobook)

I also read:

The Penderwicks
The Penderwicks on Gardam Street
Saffy’s Angel
Indigo’s Star
Permanent Rose
Caddy Ever After
Forever Rose

I wanted to read the rest of the Penderwicks books, but I got derailed again. Maybe next month will be better.