First Sunday Daughter Reviews: May 2016

I’m not the only one not reading a lot around here.  Life certainly has gotten busy for all of us, and reading — especially reading for pleasure — isn’t on the top of the list. Which, not surprisingly, makes me sad.

C’s group bailed on Code Name Verity (boo!) (Though E’s group is still going strong, and she’s actually kind of liking it.), and has instead chosen to read To Live. However, the next Kiera Cass book comes out on Tuesday, so that’s really what she’s looking forward to reading:

9780062392176 I do have a mild beef with this one — for whatever reason, there’s a Super Special Exclusive edition with a Super Special Epilogue (guess which one C wants), and it’s only available through Barnes and Noble. And as an employee of an independent bookstore, I was a bit miffed (that’s being mild). Yeah, I did pre-order it through B&N (I love my daughter) and it’s getting shipped to the house (convenient, sure). But aside from shopping at the competition, my complaint is this: go ahead and do super special stuff for your book and your fans, but don’t favor one place to purchase the book over another. (At least when Rick Riordan does it, he does something Super Special — and different — for each place the book is sold.)

A has been working on reading non-fiction this past week or so for school. But what she’s REALLY looking forward to is this:


She’s VERY excited about this one. (And as a side note: we’re one of a handful of stores that got a Deluxe Trials of Apollo Party Kit — I now have an Official Camp Half Blood shirt! — which I’m throwing on May 14th. I’m actually quite excited about this one.)

K has fallen for these:

lumberjanes1So much that she nags me about picking them up from the library. And she reads them over and over. We may just have to buy them! Ripley is her favorite. (Mine, too.)

What are your kids reading this month?

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