First Sunday Daughter Reviews: October 2017

Last night was the Rick Riordan event here in Wichita. I worked

But everyone else came to enjoy “Uncle” Rick’s presentation:

It was a lot of fun!

But it also means that half of them are reading this right now:

K has gone down the Rick Riordan wormhole, too, working her way through Heroes of Olympus. She’s currently reading this one:

She has issues with the story (most particularly, Nico’s age), but she’s liking them.

What are your kids reading?


(Not Quite) First Sunday Daughter Reviews: September 2017

First off, tomorrow is the deadline to apply to be a Cybils judge. You want to do this! Seriously. You do. It’s fun, you

She’smeet fantastic people, and you help do something that you can be really proud of. ¬†Follow the link and fill out the application. It’s easy!

School’s back in full swing and while we’re busy, it’s not nearly the level of crazy as last year (yet). So everyone has time to read.

C has picked up this for the first section in her APLit class

She’s liking it so far. What she really likes is that the cover doesn’t have a picture of a constipated woman on it.

A is required to read a William Allen White book and she picked this one

I told her it’s weird, but she’s still game.

And K discovered these graphic novels

She really likes the characters and the stories, which deal with friendship and bullying and finding your place in middle school, really resonate with her right now.

What are your kids reading?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: July 2017

We’re halfway through summer now, and the girls are busy being lazy and going swimming and working. But they’re still finding time to read. (Which is almost more than I can say for myself…)

C has moved on from reading about how to read literature to reading this:

She hates taking notes on it (she hates taking notes on books, period.), and she has Opinions which she’s not “allowed” to include (she is anyway). I think she’s enjoying it. She’s definitely thinking about it as she reads.

A has moved on to this

She’s really enjoying it. It’s made her cry a LOT and has enjoyed the plot reveals, and is finding it a really intriguing story so far.

And K nabbed this when I brought an advance copy home

She loved it! And is dying for me to read it, just so she has someone to talk to about it.

That’s what we’re reading right now. What are you reading?

First Sunday (sort of) Daughter Reviews: June 2017

We were driving home from vacation last week (yay for vacations!), which is why this is a week late. ¬†In fact, most of the girls will be gone this week at camps, so “summer” (as in: trips to the pool, watching too much TV, and being bored) doesn’t really start in earnest until next week. Even so, the girls are reading.

C has decided to get a jump on summer homework and is reading this:
She wasn’t looking forward to it (thought it would be dry and boring), but is finding that it’s actually quite fascinating. It’s nice when summer reading isn’t a drag.

E picked up this, which I had tossed her way a while back:

And basically confirmed what I already knew: Patrick Ness is an amazing writer and can’t write a bad book. (I really ought to make the time to read this!)

A is working her way through this:
Which she says is not as good as Raven Cycles (duh), but is fascinating and she’s interested enough to keep going, even though the horses are hard to keep straight.

And K decided she missed reading with her dad, and so asked him to read this aloud:
They say it’s a lot of fun.

So, that’s what they’re reading (for now). Here’s hoping they’ll keep it up all summer!

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: May 2017

April got away from me. No excuses. It was just one of those months that fell into the black hole. However, people have been reading….

C decided, a bit ago, that she needed to reread Percy Jackson. She worked her way through the first series (she said she was a bit afraid at how violent Percy was as as 13 year old! And that Titan’s Curse was a LOT more angsty than she remembered) and is nearly done with the second.

This one has been the biggest surprise. Maybe it’s because M and A have dogged on it for YEARS (it being the weakest in the series), and maybe it’s because C just skipped it the first time around (because of M and A’s bad opinion), but she’s rather enjoyed the book. She says it’s not the best book she’s ever read, but that it’s not as awful as her sisters have made it out to be.

A, of course, is already done with the newest Rick Riordan (yes, we do love him around here).

Since I’m a no spoiler sort of person, all I’m letting her tell me is that it’s good.

And K has had a report to do on King Arthur for the school wax museum, so she’s been reading a LOT of books on the legends. She’s become quite a font of knowledge about King Arthur. This one was the most useful, I think:

She’s really enjoyed learning more about him.

What are your kids reading?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews

Happy February! (And Super Bowl Sunday, for those sportsball fans… we had a fun conversation with C’s boyfriend last night about “sportsball”. He was amused that we didn’t know a whole lot about sports. And by our justification that dodgeball and four square are “sports”…

Speaking of C she’s been talking to the college admissions center at school and they handed her this:


She’s found it incredibly useful.

A’s been working on her reading projects at school. She’s had to read two books nominated for the William Allen White award and I talked her into these:


She really liked Loot, implausible as it is. And is thoroughly enjoying Greenglass House.

K is reading a bunch:

squirrelgirl 52552-lionwitchwardrobe9780449014165

The first is for fun (“I’m really liking it!”), the second is for Battle of the Books, and the third is just a dipping in/dipping out sort of book.

What are you reading these days?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: The Christmas Book Haul Edition

First, the books that all the girls got for Christmas (mostly asked for):

M asked for this because she visited it over the summer when she was in Paris:



C didn’t ask for this, but really loved getting it anyway:


E asked for some of these; she’s a hard person to buy books for!


A decided she wanted to be a completest and get the rest of Rick Riordan’s books


though Grandma and Grandpa also got her this, which she loves (and the rest of us mostly groan at)


and K wanted to fill out our graphic novels. She was very excited by these!


What books did you get for Christmas?