First Sunday Daughter Reviews: October 2018

It’s Halloween month, and… none of us are really reading Halloween-y books. That’s okay.

K has picked up this (in between Tiffany Aching books):


She’s enjoying it. She’s seen the movies a bunch, and so she can’t help but compare to the book to the movies… and she likes both. She has criticisms (like it took too long for Aragorn to show up and for them to get to Rivendell, and Tolkien is a bit sexist for not including women in his stories), but she’s enjoying it.

A is reading this for school:


She’s supposed to read something for a biology class project, and because she has an interest in forensic science, I thought she might enjoy this. I was right: she’s loving it. She’s not loving the project that goes with it, but that’s another story.

What are you reading and enjoying this month?


First Sunday Daughter Reviews: August 2018

The end of summer is upon us (yay!) and everyone has lost their enthusiasm for everything. Most days, it’s enough to get out of bed, even though they don’t often bother with getting dressed. There’s really only one more week of hearing “I’m bored” and “There’s nothing to do” and then we’re back to a (blessed) routine again.

So, what are they reading (or trying to)?

A picked up this:

And while she says it’s good, it’s not “good enough to keep reading without putting it down.”  Hm.

And even though K had real issues with Hunger Games (mostly with the love triangle; she goes on at length about how contrived and stupid it is, and I don’t think she’s wrong), she picked up this:

We’ll see if she fares any better with this one. I don’t have high hopes.

We’ll all be grateful when school starts!

What are you reading?

First Sunday (sort-of) Daughter Reviews: July 2018

When the first day of the month is a Sunday, I always get off. And then, with morning church… well… better late than never, right?

I’ve noticed that C has been carrying around one of her go-to comfort series lately:

She loves these, even after all the re-readings she’s done. Still a smart, fun series.

A just finished this:

She really liked it! Though she said that the big thing that happens in the blurb on the back happens really early on and then the rest of the book was spent trying to solve the problem the main character created. But, she said it was fun!

And K is almost done with this (though she may not finish it):

She says it’s okay, but she LOATHES the love triangle. She gets all mad when she talks about Katniss having to choose, and thinks it’s just stupid. She’s #teamkatniss all the way.

What are your kids reading?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: May 2018

We’ve hit the lovely month of May: the sun is shining, the weather warming up (though the temps kind of make me wonder if we’re going to have much of a spring, or if we’re going to dive right in to summer…), and SO much going on. Every day, multiple someones have things. And it’s just compounded by the fact that C’s graduating. In a week. (eep!)

Even so, we do manage to squeeze books in.

C, in the middle of all the finals and AP tests and concerts and a last show and graduation prep has picked this up again:

I don’t know if her opinion has changed. The only thing she’s mentioned is that it’s very early 2000s.

I picked this up for A last week

 But she’s bogged down in an Animal Farm project and has only been able to read a little bit. Soon, though.

And K’s been plowing through books. She wanted something with NO romance (her biggest beef about Ally Carter books is that they have a great plot and great characters that are ruined by the romance. :-D), so I threw a few at her. She’s read them all.

She really liked Coundown (because it’s a good book!), thought Witness Protection was okay (she didn’t like the ending) and he’s enjoying the Rainforest book.

What are you reading?

First Sunday(ish) Daughter Reviews: April 2018

This didn’t get out last week because it was Easter and M was home and we were all busy talking and laughing and playing games… which is a valid excuse in my book!

C is studying Hamlet in school and was complaining about it one day, so I threw this at her: 

She loved it! It’s an excellent retelling of Hamlet from Ophelia’s point of view, and it helped C get a sense of the play, and put a feminist spin on it. So, yay for fiction!

A finally read this: It was her first foray into John Green and she enjoyed it quite a bit. I was a bit concerned that she’d have a negative reaction to it, since she suffers from anxiety, but the OCD and anxiety is of a different breed than A’s so she could appreciate the book without being triggered by it.

And K has moved on to this:

She was complaining that she hated the characters and was annoyed by the book, and I asked why she kept reading them. “Because I like the plot!” she said. Fair enough.

What are you reading now?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: March 2018

Spring is pretty much here, and the other day I sat outside for a couple of hours and read. It was delightful. The girls are neck-deep in school, but a couple of them are still finding time to read.

A has to read a Holocaust book for her gifted class, and so she picked:She did ask when it was going to pick up and get interesting, but I hope she does give it a bit more time…

And K has taken to reading multiple books at one time. Right now, that’s:

She picked up Sisters Grimm after a conversation when C was remembering how much she liked the series. So far, K’s really liking it.

What are you reading right now?

First Sunday Daughter Reviews: February 2018

It’s been a bit of a crazy day here; church this morning and then I dashed off to work for our 6th annual Book Club Sunday (the bookish answer to the Super Bowl!) then home to interact with the family… and it’s only now that I’m sitting down to think about what the kids read this past month.

C attempted 1984 for her APLit class, but decided it wasn’t for her, and is enjoying this much more:

She’s actually been super busy with a show, so we found an audiobook version of it that she’s quite enjoying.

Alison has moved on to another William Allen White book:

Not her usual fare (that’s the point), but she’s enjoying it.

And K is juggling between three books (it used to be four but she bailed on one because it got too kissy):

It seems we’re all Rick Riordan all the time now.

What are you reading?