First Sunday Daughter Reviews: August 2016

Ah, August. The end of summer (at least around here; though it’s coming a week later this year), the hottest month of the year (except it’s been coolish and rainy), the time when we’re just too lazy to do much of anything. At least there’s the Olympics to watch this year!

M recently headed back up to KU, but before she went, managed (of course; she’s our resident Potterhead) to read this:

She has issues with it — most specifically, with the portrayal of Ron — but she enjoyed being in the world again.

C and E are stuck with AP Literature and Composition homework that they’re (finally) getting around to doing. Which means reading this:


Neither one are impressed, so far. In fact, they think Capote needs a better editor.

A finally finished the Raven Cycle (which she LOVED) and tried this one:


She bailed after a while, though. Not her cup of tea. Which makes sense. She’s musing about reading Cursed Child right now, but she might change her mind.

And K picked this to read with Hubby:


Neither one have read it, so I’m interested to see what they think.

What are your kids reading?

2 thoughts on “First Sunday Daughter Reviews: August 2016

  1. Nell was very glad I preordered HPATCC, but she wanted it at 8 a.m.! I think it’s the only thing she’s read in a year, except for some freshman orientation book for Cincinnati. My older daughter has my copy of Growing Up Free so she can understand all the weird ways I raised her. She’s been reading more nonfiction about things that interest her.


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