First Sunday Daughter Reviews: May 2019

The school year is winding down, which means (I suppose) that the girls’ reading will slow down as well. I’ll be interested to see if K keeps up the reading pace she has had during the school year.

Speaking of K, she plowed through these this past week:

She wasn’t terribly thrilled with the romance, and she didn’t think Inej has a personality for the longest time, but in the end, she liked them a lot.

A decided that she wanted to read this:

She’s finding it a bit confusing, right now. (Which is, to be honest, a fair assessment.) But she’s not disliking it.

What are your kids reading?

One thought on “First Sunday Daughter Reviews: May 2019

  1. My kiddo has been reading The Gunslinger by Stephen King and tends to pick up other favorites to read again. In school, they’re reading Animal Farm for a class project.


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