First Sunday Daughter Reviews: October 2018

It’s Halloween month, and… none of us are really reading Halloween-y books. That’s okay.

K has picked up this (in between Tiffany Aching books):


She’s enjoying it. She’s seen the movies a bunch, and so she can’t help but compare to the book to the movies… and she likes both. She has criticisms (like it took too long for Aragorn to show up and for them to get to Rivendell, and Tolkien is a bit sexist for not including women in his stories), but she’s enjoying it.

A is reading this for school:


She’s supposed to read something for a biology class project, and because she has an interest in forensic science, I thought she might enjoy this. I was right: she’s loving it. She’s not loving the project that goes with it, but that’s another story.

What are you reading and enjoying this month?

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