First Sunday Daughter Reviews: May 2018

We’ve hit the lovely month of May: the sun is shining, the weather warming up (though the temps kind of make me wonder if we’re going to have much of a spring, or if we’re going to dive right in to summer…), and SO much going on. Every day, multiple someones have things. And it’s just compounded by the fact that C’s graduating. In a week. (eep!)

Even so, we do manage to squeeze books in.

C, in the middle of all the finals and AP tests and concerts and a last show and graduation prep has picked this up again:

I don’t know if her opinion has changed. The only thing she’s mentioned is that it’s very early 2000s.

I picked this up for A last week

 But she’s bogged down in an Animal Farm project and has only been able to read a little bit. Soon, though.

And K’s been plowing through books. She wanted something with NO romance (her biggest beef about Ally Carter books is that they have a great plot and great characters that are ruined by the romance. :-D), so I threw a few at her. She’s read them all.

She really liked Coundown (because it’s a good book!), thought Witness Protection was okay (she didn’t like the ending) and he’s enjoying the Rainforest book.

What are you reading?

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