First Sunday(ish) Daughter Reviews: April 2018

This didn’t get out last week because it was Easter and M was home and we were all busy talking and laughing and playing games… which is a valid excuse in my book!

C is studying Hamlet in school and was complaining about it one day, so I threw this at her: 

She loved it! It’s an excellent retelling of Hamlet from Ophelia’s point of view, and it helped C get a sense of the play, and put a feminist spin on it. So, yay for fiction!

A finally read this: It was her first foray into John Green and she enjoyed it quite a bit. I was a bit concerned that she’d have a negative reaction to it, since she suffers from anxiety, but the OCD and anxiety is of a different breed than A’s so she could appreciate the book without being triggered by it.

And K has moved on to this:

She was complaining that she hated the characters and was annoyed by the book, and I asked why she kept reading them. “Because I like the plot!” she said. Fair enough.

What are you reading now?

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