First Sunday Daughter Reviews: March 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve done this, mostly because they really haven’t been reading a whole lot. But, since the beginning of they year there’s been an uptick in books read. I’m not entirely sure why.

Except for A. She’s still stuck on this:

It’s an 800 page book and she’s a slow reader. She’s almost done, but she’s gotten to the creepy part of the book and she can’t read at night anymore. So far, though? It’s been an interesting experience. And she’s mostly enjoyed it.

K talked C into reading these:

C really liked them (duh, I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t been fascinated by this world) and had a couple of really interesting points about them. I’m glad she let K talk her into reading them!

And K has been plowing through books. She read the entire Raven Cycle (Dream Thieves is her favorite, and she really didn’t like where Stiefvater took Blue and Gansey in the Raven King) and is now working on this:

So far, she thinks it’s good, even if it’s intense and she doesn’t like some of the bunnies.

What are your kids reading?

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