Monthly Round-Up: July 2016

It’s been a month of preparations. Spending every spare minute, planning and then putting those plans into motion. And, on top of that, it’s been high summer, with days at the pool, and the garden ripening, and just being so, so very lazy.

I love this time of year. So: my favorite this month?

withmaliceWith Malice

So, so very good.  And a good adult crossover, too; I sold it to one of our regular customers who was fed up with the extra blather in adult fiction. She loved it as well, which made me very happy.

As for the rest:

Middle Grade

thetwits witches thebfg towersfalling

Towers Falling
The Witches
The Twits

Adult Fiction


A Gathering of Shadows
The Magicians (DNF)
And Then There Were None
Another Brooklyn


askandanswer andidarken

And I Darken
The Ask and the Answer

What were your favorites this month?

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