My Best of 2022

I had an unusual reading year this year. Overall, my reading was down; more than half of my reading was graphic novels. I lacked the time and attention span to read longer books. I also listened to a lot more audiobooks than I usually do; it was a way to fit books in the cracks of the busyness that was my life this year. I want to be able to sit down and focus on reading; There is a part of me that misses doing that, but I also don’t quite know what to read anymore. With my current position at the bookstore, I’m hardly ever on the floor, so knowing what books are out and reading them has slipped in priority for me. Maybe I can change that in 2023.

Here are the numbers:

Middle Grade: 12
Young Adult: 22
Non-Fiction: 13
Adult Fiction: 23
Graphic Novels: 92 (be sure to check out our finalist lists at Cybils tomorrow!)
Total: 162

Number of those that were audiobook: 23
Number of speculative fiction (not including graphic novels): 29
Number by BIPOC authors: 30 (18.5%; I need to do better.)
Number by Latinx authors: 8
Number I reread: 13
Number I abandoned: 11

Out of those, here were my favorites:

There is a 10th, but it’s a graphic novel and so I’ll let it go this year because I was on the Cybils panel.

Some themes that I noticed this year:

So many memoirs!

I read/reread so many series (these are the first books):

Plus the next/last in continuing series!

And started new series:

So many series.

I (re)discovered an author I loved:

And fell into all the romance books:

Okay, not all Just five.

It wasn’t a bad reading year, in the end. I’m still hoping that next year will be better.

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