Monthly Round-Up December 2022

As per usual, I’ll round up the whole year tomorrow. As for December… It was another graphic novel-heavy month, but I didn’t mind. I was buy at work,a nd having a graphic novel to come home to was perfect. That said, my favorite wasn’t one

Nettle & Bone

I picked it up because it made a friend’s best-of list this year, and I was not disappointed.

As for the rest:


Beyond the Wand (audiobook)

Young Adult:

Lightlark (audiobook)
The Shepherd’s Crown (reread)

Graphic Novels:

Captain America: The Ghost Army
Victory for Ukraine
Magical Boy

The Wolf Suit
A Tale as Tall as Jacob
The Doors to Nowhere
Just Roll With it
Cat’s Cradle

The Greatest Thing
Messy Roots
Adora and the Distance
Numb to This

The Golden Hour
The Woman in the Woods
Miss Quinces

Smaller Sister
PlayLike a Girl

Victory. Stand!
Tiny Dancer

Stay tuned tomorrow for my best-of-the-year!

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