Monthly Round-Up: December 2018

It was a super-heavy YA and speculative fiction month, but that was to be expected (because of the Cybils), but even the adult books I read were speculative fiction. I’m probably a little burned out of spec fic for a bit…

No favorites this month, since the Cybils shortlists will be announced on Sunday, and I’m putting up my best-of lists tomorrow!


The Agony House
Beneath the Citadel
Blanca & Roja
Dread Nation
Not Even Bones
The Wicked Deep
Bruja Born
A Curse So Dark and Lonely
This Mortal Coil
The Wicked King
Beasts Made of Night
The November Girl
Pitch Dark
The Boneless Mercies
The Deceivers

Graphic Novels:



The New Farm (audio)

Adult Fiction:

Spinning Silver
Friday Black

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