Montly Round-Up: February 2018

I constantly get asked at work what I’m reading, mostly because they’re looking for recommendations. And I’m happy to give them! But what I’m reading as of late is a lot of OLDER books. I think that’s the thing I find most frustrating about the class. They’re either stuck in books written before 2013, when the last textbook came out (the other text book is from 2006!) or I’ve read pretty much everything on the list. There are SO many good books  coming out now, I wish I could read them. But, no. I’ve got to read something written in 1998. *grumble grumble* (Not that those books are bad. I just wish I could read something more, well, current.)

My favorite this month:

All American Boys

It was just SO good. And incredibly timely. And made for a really good book group discussion as well.

As for the rest…

Middle Grade:

Strawberry Girl
The Poet Slave of Cuba

Adult fiction:

Enchantress of Numbers
Back Home at Firefly Lake (audio)


The Witch of Blackbird Pond
The Grey King
Daughter of the Siren Queen


When They Call You a Terrorist
Lincoln: A Photobiography

Graphic Novel:

Black Panther, Book 1

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