Monthly Round-Up: February 2016

Somehow, this month, I feel like I fell behind. I really don’t know why. Probably has something to do with four girls pulling me in four different directions, plus a husband, plus a job that takes some of my time, plus there are actually more TV shows I’m watching (one per girl, really. A quick aside, we’re actually quite liking the Shadowhunters TV series, but mostly because everyone’s so pretty to look at.). But I feel like there’s just less time for reading than there used to be.

Times and seasons, I guess.

My favorite of the ones that got read this month, though was this one:

iamprincessxI Am Princess X

There were a lot of good ones, though, this month. The rest:


salttothesea hellogoodbye schoolforbrides

Salt to the Sea
Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between
A School for Brides (audiobook)


wild littledribbling radioactive

Wild (audiobook)
The Road to Little Dribbling

Middle Grade:

keytoextraordinary fridays

The Key to Extraordinary
Fridays With the Wizards

Graphic Novel

Amulet: Firelight

What were some of your favorites this month?

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