First Sunday Daughter Reviews: February 2014

Whew, January is done. That means — in spite of the snow that’s threatening to come (those up north: don’t laugh) — spring is that much closer. It also means things get busier and there are holidays (even the dreaded Valentine’s Day, ugh) to distract me from the Cold and Snow. Which is something.

What did the girls read this month?

Hubby and K read this:

Which K picked out (she has a very elaborate picking scheme when she doesn’t have her  mind already made up), and thoroughly enjoyed. She said she liked Elionwy the best, because she’s “good and awesome and a good fighter. She’s very funny and talks a lot, and even though she has a bauble, she stands up for herself.” But she also liked how Taran admitted to making mistakes at the end. She’s very thoughtful, my daughter.

A had a book report on Joan of Arc due, but she still found time to read

She really loved the first one, and so requested I pick up the second. She’s liking it — there’s more conflicts than there were in the first book, which she’s liking, and bonus: Seth is a LOT less annoying — but she’s reserving final judgement until she finishes.

And C, having seen this flow chart on Tumblr (and because Days of Blood & Starlight wasn’t as interesting as she wanted it to be)decided she wanted to go on a dystopian/post-apocalyptic bender. We requested a bunch from the library, but the one she picked up was

which she’s enjoying, though she has to constantly remind herself that it doesn’t quite fit in with the Uglies universe. She misses Tally and all the rest. Also, she’s decided that Westerfeld’s novels need to be illustrated: “He describes things that are hard to imagine.”

I think I’m going to start including by 3-5th Grade Book Group choices here, just so I have a record of them. The kids — probably predictably — really liked Fablehaven last month. We had a great discussion about choices and annoying boys and whether or not magic creatures are real. I also appreciated that Brandon Mull had a lot of cool things on his website (the kids love it when there are extras). This month, we’re reading one of my favorites as a kid:

Here’s hoping the kids like it.

I’m off today for our Book Club Sunday at work before the SuperBowl, and have gotten roped into talking about good Middle Grade/YA books for adults. I think I’ve worked up a good list of already published and soon-to come out books. I’l be sure to stick them up on the third Sunday as my list this month.

Happy reading!

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