January 2014 Round Up

Happy January! (ugh) I have found myself in the middle of a reading slump. I’m still reading, but in many ways, it feels like I’m doing it because I have to, not because I want to. I’ve always found that it’s better for me to push through these slumps (too many books to read to completely give up!), but that means everything I’ve read is all kind of… meh.

Except for this one, though it was an audiobook, so I don’t know if it counts:

One Summer: America, 1927 

As for the rest:


Allegiant (DNF)
The Impossible Knife of Memory

Graphic novels:


Middle Grade:

The Last Present
Better Nate than Ever


The Importance of Being Ernest

That one was my favorite review this month, though.

The Rosie Project

What was your favorite this month?

3 thoughts on “January 2014 Round Up

  1. I have been in a reading slump since 2012… I am not even kidding. I get it together for a bit, but then I fall apart again. Reading might not be my thing anymore. It's sad!


  2. Reading slumps are the worst. I feel like a lot of last year was one for me, a lot of books were okay but few really wowed me.

    I'm getting really nervous about reading Dangerous. I've seen reactions from lukewarm to heck no. I haven't seen any truly excited reactions.

    My favorites in January: Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge and Black Dog by Rachel Neumeier. Both of these are YA teetering toward adult. I needed a break from the MG. 🙂


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