The Demon’s Covenant

by Sarah Rees Brennan
ages: 14+
First sentence: “”Any minute now,’ Rache said, ‘something terrible is going to happen to us.'”
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First step: read The Demon’s Lexicon. Second step: come back and read this. Because there isn’t any way I can write this part without spoiling the first book.

Picking up a month where we left off… Alan and Nick are back in Mae and Jamie’s life, primarily because Gerald — new leader of the magician’s Obsidian Circle — is trying to recruit Jamie to be part of the circle. This, for many reasons, completely freaks Mae out, and so she calls the Ryves brothers back to help keep Jamie safe. Except, Nick isn’t exactly the safest person in the world, being a freed demon. That creates its own problems: Alan is making bargains with magicians and demons, Mae is finding she’s falling in love with both the brothers, Jamie is actually becoming friends with Nick. And there’s a whole lot else going on that’s completely impossible to sum up.

It’s slow getting started, but picks up about a third of the way into it. At one point I was flabbergasted, wondering where on earth Brennan was going with the storyline, how it all would work out. It’s one of those instances where the right narrator makes the book; it’s from Mae’s point of view this time, and that makes all the difference. Especially when the book all comes together in the end.

Also, as Charlotte pointed out, Brennan does write some very swoon-inducing prose. Very much so. Very, very much so. But she’s not just skilled in writing swoon; the book is SO much better than that. There’s angst and surliness, yes; but, there’s also mystery, and adventure, and magic, and surprise zombies (it’s not a party until someone brings the surprise zombies), and an ending that will — I promise — leave you begging for the next installment.

Which begs the question: how long do we have to wait, and what can we do to make Sarah Rees Brennan write faster?

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