Super Hero Books and Thinking Blogs

I am reading, really. I’ve finished one book and am nearly done with it’s sequel, but I can’t review them here. Argh. Who knew that reviewing for Estella’s Revenge would mess things up here? I’ll link to the book review once the April issue comes out. Y’all will just have to wait until then to hear about Super Mom.

Speaking of Estella, Andi tagged me with the Thinking Blogger Award.

I was a bit surprised, because I don’t consider myself a “thinking blogger”. When someone says “thinking blogger” I think more of my husband (who was also tagged with this). Which, I guess, means I think thinking blogging is long, drawn out, highly intellectual posting. *grin* Obviously, I don’t fit that description (at least most of the time), so I suppose I’ll just have to change my expectations. So, the challenge is now mine: who do I think are “thinking bloggers”? Hmmm…

The problem is that if I change my definition of thinking bloggers, then I’m left with too many to choose from. And how do I choose? There’s a reason why my blog roll is what it is. I enjoy reading every one of those blogs for various reasons. And they all make me think, in various ways.

So, I’m throwing out the rules (who’s going to enforce them anyway? The blog police?).

Tag to Amira, Corrine, Inkling, Renee and Julie for being good blog friends (and writing interesting posts and reading good books). Tag to Booklogged, Nessie, Heather and Iliana for reading and writing about interesting books and helping to expand my never-ending to be read list. Tag to Fuse #8, Mother Reader, Brooklyn Arden and Bookshelves of Doom for making me laugh and feel like I’m a part of the hip kidlit blog world (because if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s hip). Tag to turtlebella who doesn’t really fit anywhere else, and I think she likes it that way. Oh, and tag to Food Chronicles and Farmgirl Fare who don’t write about books at all, but rather have some very interesting and thoughtful things to say about food.

There, that’s pretty much my whole blog roll. You’re it.

7 thoughts on “Super Hero Books and Thinking Blogs

  1. Well I think it was very well deserved πŸ™‚ Now I need to check out some of these other people you tagged – I think I already read most of them πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to read your review over at Estella’s.


  2. Melissa, feel free to put your reviews here first. We’ll still “publish” them at Estella as well. I’m taking my Hugo Cabret review over to Estella this month. πŸ™‚


  3. Thanks, Andi, but I probably won’t. Call it vanity, or insecurity, but I don’t want the same post in two different places, and I’m too lazy to write two different posts. πŸ™‚ Maybe I’ll change my mind later. But this will do for now.


  4. babes you rock! It is hard reviewing for another entity! Your reward is well deserved and thanks a million for tagging me! Its the books that are interesting though it is…Am I supposed to do something? Sign an autograph? Go on world tour with you?


  5. World tour sounds good. πŸ™‚Actually, the “rules” are that you’re supposed to tag five blogs that you think are thinking blogs. And so on. I just bent the rules a little so I could get all my favorites in.


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