Monthly Round-Up: November 2022

I was sitting here, writing reviews when I realized what day it was! I’ve been so busy with work and reading for the Cybils, that everything has just gotten away from me. I’m impressed that any of my Christmas shopping has gotten done. Seriously.

My favorite this month:

Surrender (audiobook)

Really one of the best celebrity memoirs I’ve read in a long time. As for the rest:

Graphic Novels:

Little Monarchs
The Real Riley Mayes
Apple Crush
M is for Monster
Piece by Piece
Himawari House

Anne of West Philly
Two-Headed Chicken
Batman, Robin, and Howard

Welcome to St. Hell
Constantine: Distorted Illusions
If Anything Happens, I Love You
The Flamingo
Living with Viola
Button Pusher

Middle Grade:

The Way I Say It




Susan, Linda, Nina, & Cokie

What was your favorite this month?

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