Monthly Round-Up: October 2022

The sad thing is that I didn’t even think about this until this evening after work, and I realized, fully, that it was November 1st. I guess Halloween will do that to you…

Lots of Cybils books on this list.

My favorite:

Bloodmarked. It’s such a good series.

And the rest:

Middle Grade Graphic Novels:

The Tryout
The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza
Ride On
Twin Cities
Red Scare

Investigators: Braver and Boulder

Wait Till Helen Comes
Scout is Not a Band Kid

YA Graphic Novels:

Witch Hat Atelier
Huda F Are You?
Fly By Night
Pixels of You
Girl on Fire

Twelfth Grade Night
Demon in the Wood


Nerd (audiobook)

Adult Fiction:

Thank You for Listening (audiobook)

What was your Octoer favorite?

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