Audiobook: The Thursday Murder Club

by Richard Osman
Read by Lesley Manville
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Content: There is murder, obviously, and also suicide. It’s in the Mystery section of the bookstore.

The Thursday Murder Club at a quiet retirement community just wants to meet in the Jigsaw Room on Thursdays and look at – and maybe try to solve – old cold cases. Things get heated though, when the four of them – Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron, and Ibrahim – encounter an actual, live murder: a developer (two, actually) connected to their community turns up dead. The four of them follow the story through its twists and turns, all the while working with (and outsmarting, of course) the police. The real lesson: order people – ones in retirement communities, who are thought past their prime, still have things to contribute.

This book was a delightful romp. I adored the narrator and her voices for everyone. There was a good bit of humor, and a good bit of “you go!” when the older ones were on quicker than the police. Elizabeth is definitely the leader and the “smartest” but the others have their place, too. We got some backstory and some character development along with the twists and turns of the murders. And yes, there was a big cast, but they were really all delightful to spend time with.

Recommended for those who like their murder mysteries on the lighter side.

3 thoughts on “Audiobook: The Thursday Murder Club

    • booknutgirls says:

      To be honest, I’m not sure I would have liked it all that much if I had read it. I think the audiobook is what made it for me. The narrator was very very good.

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