Fugitive Telemetry

by Martha Wells
First sentence: “The dead human was lying on the deck, on their side, half curled around.”
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Others in the series:  All Systems RedArtificial ConditionRogue ProtocolExit Strategy, Network Effect
Content: There’s some swearing, including a few f-bombs. It’s in the Sceince Fiction/Fantasy section of the bookstore.

I expected this one to pick up the timeline that we left off after Network Effect, but it doesn’t. It takes place on Preservation Station, probably during the time between Exit Strategy and Network Effect. t’s a novella, like the first four, and a pretty tight murder mystery at that. Murderbot discovers a body on the ship, and it — along with Station security, whom it learns to work with – set about figuring out who killed this person (especially since murders are rare on Preservation).

It has all the things I’ve come to love about Murderbot: a tight story; a smart, wry narrator; and an interesting take on the future. I’m just a little sad I don’t have any more of these to read, yet.

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