Monthly Round-Up: May 2021

May happened. It felt like a very long month, from the girls dragging on with the end of school (we made it!) to the weather being dreary, and work being, well, work. I have not been this happy that a month is over for a while.

My favorite this month:

Are you surprised? No, you are not. A quick story: we have taken to printing off lists and calling people when new books come out (just some, not all), and a call list for Mister Impossible came up. Who, on that list, has bought the most Maggie Stiefvater books? That would be me.

And for the rest:


Sky in the Deep
Instructions for Dancing


Seed to Dust
Hola Papi

Middle Grade:

Otto P. Nudd

Adult Fiction:

The Bad Muslim Discount (audio)

What was your favorite this month?

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