Monthly Round-up: December 2020

I knew when I started the month that it was going to be exhausting and that I wouldn’t have time to read. And that turned out to be the case. I went for light and fluffy with a few non-fiction scattered in. I’m just so glad to have the entire month (nay, year) done and over with.

That said, my favorite this month:

I’ll be honest: I put off reading this for months (I had an advance copy) because I wasn’t sure I’d like it. If I didn’t read it, I couldn’t hate it, right? And then it got popular and I’m always suspicious of books that are bought by people who don’t usually read fantasy. But, really? It’s a book about life and living and I loved it.

As for the rest:


Instant Karma (audiobook)
The Thief
Queen of Attolia
King of Attolia
Conspiracy of Kings
Thick as Thieves
Return of the Thief


White Tears/Brown Scars
So You Want to Talk About Race?
Chesapeake Requiem

What were your favorites this month?

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