Monthly Round-up: October 2020

Happy Halloween! There’s very little Halloween-ing going on around here. We carved pumpkins, the kids dressed up to go to small parties with close friends, and there won’t be any trick-or-treaters (not a COVID thing; there never are). So, we’ll probably make some fondue (and pizza for the parties, because homemade pizza is the best?) and watch Arsenic in Old Lace. Sounds like a good evening!

It was a Graphic Novel-heavy month this month. Which is nice; it’s beena while since I’ve read a bunch of good Graphic Novels. So, it’s fitting this month that my favorite is:

As for the rest:

Graphic Novels:

When Stars Are Scattered
Class Act
Swamp Thing


Clap When You Land (audio book)
Punching the Air
Howl’s Moving Castle (reread)


Notes of a Native Son

Adult Fiction:

Riot Baby

What were your favorites this month?

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