Birthday Reflections

I realized this week that I didn’t do one of these last year. Breaking a huge streak, actually. Granted, I had just had knee surgery 12 days before, and I probably was hopped up on drugs and just didn’t think about it. Which happens, sometimes.

And this year? I have spent a good part of this year anxious and angry about the state of the world. I have discovered that listening to the sound of the ocean helps me fall asleep when everything else (and I have a long list of “tricks”) does’t work. I have enjoyed getting to know my adult children as individuals rather than as “my children” and think they’re pretty awesome women. (You know what? The teenagers are pretty awesome, too.)

We bought a new-to-us sectional for the basement. K, who is 14 now, has been making a huge case for not buying new things because of the damage to the environment. So, we’re trying to do consignment and thrift stores for clothes and furniture. It’s been working well.

I re-discovered puzzles were fun to put together.

Like everyone, I’ve been weathering the pandemic with moderate success. The bookstore managed to stay open, and I managed to be one of the people who they kept employed. I have boxed up so many books to be mailed out I can’t even count. There were days when that was all I did for six hours. Now, I’m on the unpacking end, and with the fall season coming on, that means lots and lots of boxes of books.

I still find time to dance at Zumba and now Sh’bam (the classes at the gym are small and spread apart, and so far that seems to be working), because no one laughs at me when I look dumb. Mostly because everyone else looks like one too. But I enjoy throwing my body around to music too much to not go.

[Imagine a picture of me dancing here]

But, I’ve made it to 48, mostly in one piece, with only a moderate amount of aches and pains. I’m going to bake a cake, make some pulled pork, go to work and unpack however many boxes come in, dance a bit, and have a good day.

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