Monthly Round-up: April 2020

I was in a bit of a slump at the beginning of the month: stress, anxiety, everything shifting so much, and just trying to adjust to our new normal all made it difficult to focus on a book. Thankfully, audio books came to the rescue. (If you look down, I listened to — and finished — FOUR this month!) I would sit and listen while I worked on a puzzle for hours. It helped get me escape — though a lot of what I read was nonfiction — and gradually I was able to pick up a real book again. Yay!

My favorite this month was:

A fantastic dragon book. Seriously. I can’t wait for the sequel.

As for the rest:


Little Women
The Hand on the Wall
A Heart So Fierce and Broken

Adult Fiction:

The Knockout Queen
Pretty Things (audio book)


Stop Missing Your Life (audio book)
Southern Lady Code (audio book)
Recollections of My Non-existence
Catch and Kill (audio book)
Stamped From the Beginning

How are you doing with reading? Did you have a favorite this month?

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