Monthly Round-up: October 2019

Happy Halloween! We’re probably staying home and doing… something? I don’t know. All the kids have outgrown trick-or-treating, and looking at the weather, I think we might be getting less than our usual three trick-or-treaters. So, stay inside, watch a movie, maybe, and go to bed at a decent hour. I’m officially #old.

My favorite book this month was (it was hard to choose; there were so many good ones!):

It’s so so so very perfect.

As for the rest:

Middle Grade:

The Bookwanderers


Dream Thieves (link to an old review)
Raven Boys (this is my review for the bookstore which I wrote in 2012 and I’m still super proud of.)

Adult Fiction:

Red, White, and Royal Blue
The Power
Red at the Bone (audio book)
Witches Abroad


Invisible Women
Running with Sherman
The Book of Delights

Graphic Novels:

Kiss No. 8

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