Monthly Round-Up: March 2019

It’s been quite the month. But, as I write this, I have enjoyed a couple of days off and am actually thinking about gardening instead of working all the time. It’s heavenly. And maybe I’ll even read more books next month!

And, since it was Middle Grade March, it’s probably appropriate that my favorite was a middle grade book:

Smart, funny, and a whole lot of fun to read!

As for the rest:

Middle Grade:

Lost Rainforest: Mez’s Magic
Ben Braver and the Incredible Exploding Kid
The Three Rules of Everyday Magic

Young Adult:

Field Notes on Love
The Last Voyage of Poe Blythe
Love, Hate & Other Filters


Eternal Life
The Bookshop of Yesterdays (audio)

What was your favorite this month?

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