Monthly Round-up: January 2018

January, in which my reading comes to a screeching halt. Which isn’t true; I’ve been reading, but it’s all books that are out in February or March, so it just doesn’t look like I am. Also, class started. Can I tell you a secret about the class? I’m loving it. (No surprise.) And I’m kind of an instigator on the discussion boards (though no one has really taken me on); I’ve had to defend audio books, Madeline, and In the Night Kitchen so far. We’ll see how the rest of the semester goes.

My favorite this month:

The Cruel Prince

So, so very good.

Young Adult:

The Belles
The Burning Sky
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda

Middle Grade:

The Middle Moffat
Beezus and Ramona
The Wolf Hour (audio book)


Holidays on Ice (audio book)

What were your favorites this month?

4 thoughts on “Monthly Round-up: January 2018

  1. You instigate away!! I hope someone wasn’t trying to say that audiobooks aren’t real books or some such nonsense. Sometimes I wish I would’ve picked librarian or teacher instead of speech therapist as a field, I’d love to be discussing books with other like-minded folks.


    • booknutgirls says:

      Lol! Actually, they were saying that readers aren’t as “engaged” with books if they’re audio books. And I strongly disagree!


  2. malanielovesfiction says:

    I so much need to read Cruel Prince!!!!! I see so many people who love it. ❤ and I'm so much an instigator on discussions, too, hahaha. but I have to defend things! or the things won't be defended!


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