My Best-Of 2017

When I said, last year, that 2016 was awful, I had NO idea that 2017 would be the dumpster fire that it was.  But it was, not just politically, but it was also challenging personally. I know that for years and years I’ve done a huge round-up at the end of the year (it’s how I got my tagline: it’s not just a blog name, it’s a diagnosis), but this year, I’m just not feeling it. I don’t know if it’s the dumpster-fire year, or the general busy-ness of my life, but I just don’t have the will to do it.

I will still do the numbers:

Middle Grade Fiction: 50
YA Fiction: 40
Graphic Novels: 14
Non-Fiction: 12
Adult Fiction: 17
Number of those that were sci-fi/fantasy books, not counting graphic novels:  61
Number of those that were by authors of color: 17
Number of those that had prominent characters of color: 23
Number of those that were audio books: 19
Number of those that were rereads: 16

Grand Total: 133

Abandoned (not counting Cybils books): 3

As for the bests? Here’s the five I turned in for my work best-of list:

And here’s the rest of the top 10:


I reread a lot this year! My favorites:

And some of my favorite audio books:

What were your favorites this year?

3 thoughts on “My Best-Of 2017

  1. Most of my favorites this year are titles that have been out for a while that I hadn’t gotten to. Under the Egg, The Inquisitor’s Tale, The Magnificent Story, Circus Mirandus, and I’d Tell You I Love You… were my top five. I’ve read a lot that I was disappointed in that surprised me. The Scorpio Races was a huge disappointment. The violence in it was something I couldn’t handle and I didn’t feel connected to the characters. I quit Neil Gaiman’s Ocean At the End of the Lane and Evil Librarian. Both of these books had characters I didn’t connect with. Reading All the Crooked Saints right now. To me it has a change of style that isn’t settling well.


  2. booknutgirls says:

    Interesting, Lu. Maybe you and Maggie are not Meant To Be. It seems you’re a character-driven person rather than plot or writing, which isn’t a bad thing at all! I’m glad you liked Circus Mirandus, though. That really was a good book.


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