State of the TBR Pile: November 2017

I’m knee-deep in Cybils reading right now. And not reading nearly as fast as I want to be. That said, like always, it’s a ton of fun!

The Crystal Ribbon by Celeste Lim
Brave Red, Smart Frog by Emily Jenkins
Wand, Paper, Scissors by Mark Andrew Poe
Embers of Destruction by J. Scott Savage
The Painting by Charis Cotter
Wishtree by Katherine Applegate
Rise of the Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste
A Face Like Glass by Frances Hardinge
Henry and the Chalk Dragon by Jennifer Trafton
Journey Across the Hidden Islands by Sarah Beth Durst
York by Laura Ruby
Sputnik’s Guide to Life on Earth by Frank Cottrell Boyce
Miss Ellicott’s School for the Magically Minded by Sage Blackwood
The Unicorn in the Barn by Jacqueline Ogburn

What are you looking forward to on your TBR Pile?

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