First Sunday Daughter Reviews: November 2016

Happy November! I think we’re finally (!) cooling down here, and I’m finally mostly back on top of things at home and finally looking forward to the holidays. I desperately want to spend a weekend not running around or cleaning the yard or baking (which is how I’ve spent the past couple of weekends), and just READ. I say that, though, and yet when I do have the time, I find that I’m lacking the focus I need to do just that.

My kids are knee-deep in school projects and homework and concerts, but they’ve found a bit of time to read here an there.

C and E are reading this for their AP Literature and Composition class:


They’re enjoying it, I think. C is finding it interesting to read through, since she was in the play as an extra her freshman year.

I finally convinced A to read this:


I REALLY want her to like this one. *fingers crossed*

And K was going through my piles of books and found this one:


So, far she’s REALLY liking it. And she’s basically convinced me that I need to read it,  as well.

What are your kids reading?

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