“First” Sunday Daughter Reviews

I know I’m a week late; everything’s been pushed back this month. It’s just the way it is… And I’m neck-deep in preparations for KidlitCon on Friday. Thankfully, I have a GREAT team who’s been more than willing to help, to give moral support, and to just be effing awesome. So many things fell through the cracks this year, and without this team of wonderful women, KidlitCon might have been one of those things. That said, it’s going to be a super small, but super good conference. It’s not too late to get tickets and come.

What have the girls been reading?

K is doing Battle of the Books again this year, and has been plowing through the books on that list. Right now, her current favorite is


That’s a very good choice.

C talked A into reading these:



And she LOVED them. LOVED. But it’s also the first week of October, so that means this:


M is also home this weekend on fall break, and spent all afternoon reading this one. They’re both fans of Uncle Rick, and they both really liked it. (It’s good, solid Rick Riordan.)

E has been up to her neck in debate stuff, but is reading this for APLC


Which reminds me: I really should read that.

And, C, in between homework and rehearsals and performances, has been re-reading these


She says they’re good, but she still has issues with the ending. And, she says the Selection is the antidote to these, because Kiera Cass gets the ending right.

What are you reading this month?

2 thoughts on ““First” Sunday Daughter Reviews

  1. I’m sorry I will miss Kidlit Con this year! Picky Reader is coming home from college to watch her sister run the Columbus Marathon, but I wish I could be in both places! It’s been a tough year for just about everyone. Glad you were able to put the conference together.


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