The Cybils and KitlitCon

Cybils-Logo-2016-Round-Sm I’ve been blogging for nearly 12 (!) years, and in that time, I have realized that the thing I enjoy most about blogging is not the actual putting of words on (electronic) page (though I have liked that I’ve — sort of — kept up with my writing). It’s the community. And, true, in those 12 years, I’ve seen blogging go from a little tiny community to a HUGE number of people. It’s dwindling, now, with the advent of so many different social media platforms and ways to connect with people.

That said, there are still two ways for people who love children’s literature to connect with other people who love children’s literature. The first, is our award: The Cybils. If you blog, even a little bit, about children’s books, please consider applying to be a judge. I’ve been doing it for eight years, and it’s a fantastic way to feel a part of something bigger. You’re exposed to a TON of books, and the process of selecting a short list (or a winner), is — to be completely honest — fun. Yes, it’s work, but it’s fun. And, whether you’ve participated before or not, you should give it a shot this year.

KidlitconLogo2016-SquareThe other way hits a bit closer to home this year: KitlitCon. I know it’s here in Wichita, which means it’s not really readily accessible to a lot of people (we’re kind of equally far from everything here). But, please consider coming. It’s a smaller conference, and one run by introverts, so we try to give everyone space to connect when they want and retreat when they need to. Charlotte has put together a fantastic program, with some interesting panels and good conversations planned.

Here’s the link to register to come. It will (I hope) be worth your time!

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