Summer Book Bingo

So, the bookstore staff is doing the Books on the Nightstand Summer Book Bingo again this year. I “won” — bragging rights, no actual prizes — last year, so I have Restrictions this year, one of which is no middle grade books. That does make it a bit harder. As does this card:


There’s so much on there that I don’t usually read. So, instead of a list this week, I’m asking for help! I need suggestions of good books that will fill squares (well, except for debut author, photograph, TV show, gifted to me, and one-word title). Anything and everything will be considered.

Help a reader out?

11 thoughts on “Summer Book Bingo

  1. Hard, since I only read middle grade. That’s not quite fair! I did like Lerner’s The Bridge Ladies, but don’t know what category it would be (multiple generations?) and for royalty, Mrs. Queen Takes the Train by Kuhn was a lot of fun. No middle grade. Pffft. These people just don’t understand…

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  2. For “about a disease” I recommend The Great Influenza by John M. Barry.
    For “royalty” I recommend The Sunne in Splendour
    For “That spans multiple generations” and/or “Has a Place name in the title” and/or “Over 500 pages” I recommend Edward Rutherfurd. (Sarum, London, Paris, New York, etc.)
    For “A Classic Mystery” I enjoy Dorothy Sayers and Josephine Tey. Lord Peter Wimsey is Sayer’s detective and he’s great fun to spend time with. Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe is pretty great too.
    For published before 1900 or a classic that you should have read in school…how about Ruth by Elizabeth Gaskell? Elizabeth Gaskell is one of my favorites. Wives and Daughter. North and South. Cranford. All good 🙂
    For Humor I love Wodehouse. But also Three Men in a A Boat is pretty funny!!! Or if you’re looking for something shorter and irreverent…Mark Twain’s Diary of Adam and Eve is good.


  3. Royalty seems pretty easy; lots of Queens and such kicking around. Did you ever read The Goblin Emperor? Excellent book. For mystery I’d suggest Murder on the Orient Express; short and snappy. And perhaps there’s a Jane Austen you haven’t read….I like Emma myself.


    • booknutgirls says:

      I agree: royalty is pretty easy. I’ve never read Murder on the Orient Express; thanks for the reminder. And, there’s no Austen I haven’t read. Maybe I’m due for a re-read….


  4. Wayne says:

    What are the rules? If you haven’t read Roots, will it count for five squares? (one word, multiple generations, made into a movie, over 500 pages and should have read in school).

    And I recommend The Kings Speech for the royalty square.


    • booknutgirls says:

      The basic rules: you read it between Memorial Day and Labor Day. And I can’t read kids books. (Teen books are ok.) And one book, one square. I haven’t read Roots; I should definitely read that.


  5. Since you seem to be working on second row going down, maybe Library Wars for manga? We keep that in the adult section here, and it’s nice, light book-loving with some romance stuff. I’d second Charlotte’s recommendation of The Goblin Emperor for queens. Or maybe Sorcerer to the Crown- it does have the fairy queen in it, even if she’s only a side character.


  6. For royalty I just read Princesses Behaving Badly. It is sort of one of those things where you just can’t look away, but in book form. It is non-fiction, but very readable!


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