First Sunday Daughter Reviews: February 2016

Ever since we switched to morning church last month (we switch back and forth every year), I’ve found that this post is a bit more challenging to get out. Currently, it’s 6:30 a.m., the house is quiet (except for the dog; did I tell y’all that we got a dog? We did. An adorable, if somewhat not-chill, pointer mix. We love her to death.), and I’m trying to remember everything that the girls read this past month.

We’ll see how I do.


M has discovered the Arden Shakespeare editions, and has decided that she adores the text notes and that it makes Shakespeare that much more interesting. It makes her SO VERY happy. (As an aside: I really like it when she sends be bookish texts as well. It’s so much fun to hear what she has to say.)


This one came out a couple weeks ago, and C spent a Saturday afternoon/evening reading it. She stayed up way too late but it was WORTH IT.  She’s a huge fan of Kiera Cass.


E got this for Christmas, but finally got around to starting it yesterday. It’s such a delightful mix of WEIRD and elegant, that she’s in love. She kept reading me passages and is insisting that I need to read it when she’s done. (I think I might opt for the audio version of this one though.)


A picked this one up when she lost a different book she was reading. She said it’s NOTHING like what she usually reads (it’s about a cosmetology student and a fashion contest) but she’s super invested and has opinions about the characters and the plot. It’s great to branch out!

9781619632653And K has been reading this with Hubby in preparation for Jessica Day George’s visit this week. I used my powers as Children’s Event Coordinator and sent her to K’s school, which has K over the moon excited. She loves the story, she thinks Celie and the family are great, but her favorite “character” is the castle.

What are your kids reading?

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