KidlitCon 2015 in Pictures

Getting to KidlitCon this year took a bit more effort on my part. It just wasn’t a good weekend to be gone, and plans kept falling through, and things kept piling up. So when I finally made it to the airport, I was pretty frazzled. 
Thankfully, flights are about 6 hours with layovers and everything. I took myself out to lunch in Minneapolis (didn’t take a picture of that), and by the time I got to Balitmore, I was ready for some fun. I stayed with a Sequestered Nook friend, and she graciously offered to drive me into D.C. to go to Politics & Prose. How could I say no to that?

It’s a delightful bookstore.

We had to stop by the D.C. temple and snap a couple of pictures. I do miss seeing this all the time.

Friday, I took it easy, ate breakfast with my friends, then she drove me into Baltimore. She dropped me off at the wrong hotel (my fault), but the upside is that I got a nice walk to the right hotel. It was good to stretch my legs a bit. (Plus exercise!) I didn’t really take many pictures Friday (though I think I’m in some that are floating around) because I didn’t do much. Talked to some friends, got a few books signed, checked into my hotel room.  The view was less than stellar.
Friday night we had a birthday party for the Cybils, which is the blogger award I’m involved with. There was bowling, but mostly I just sat at a table and talked and laughed with My People. It was so nice to do that. 

Saturday morning, the sessions were fantastic. Lots of food for thought on diversity and intersectionality and representation. But my favorite panel was the graphic novel one. It was so much fun.

 Maggie Thrash is my new favorite person.

And I got two of Kristen’s graphic novels signed by the author and illustrator. They were impressed at how well loved they were.

I took lots of “notes” on Twitter as I was listening (as did lots of other people). Check out #kidlitcon if you’re interested.

Saturday afternoon, I was feeling cooped up again, so I went for another walk, this time down to the harbor.

Someone was getting married…

I did make it out to dinner with a group of people, which was a delight as always. That, and they talked me into being in charge next year. So there’s that as well.

My book pile from the weekend. I did read through some of it…

There was a Cybils board meeting (we’re a non-profit now, yay!) and I had enough time after to get back to my room to watch the live feed of the Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog Reunion Panel at New York Comic Con.  I love the internet.

Sunday morning, a group of us went on a walking tour of Baltimore. (I walked a lot this weekend. Huh.) I loved the convergence of old and new in the town. And it was delightful spending a morning with these ladies walking and talking and seeing the city.

We looked at each other and said: Anyone else see a snitch?

 I needed a donut fix. Of course.

We were on our way back by bus, when it stopped by the harbor. I decided, on a whim, to get out. Because water. I wandered around for a bit.

And then decided, on a whim, to take a water taxi. Best decision of the weekend.

I took myself out for lunch before my Nook friend picked me up again.

One of the places I didn’t get to on the walk was the Enoch Pratt Library, so we stopped in there. It’s gorgeous.

Oh, I got to ride in this a few times over the weekend. I was incredibly happy.

And my Nookish friends. There was a party and a lot of people asked how I knew everyone and were quite surprised when I said that I’d met them on the internet. Sometimes, the internet is a pretty great place.

Then I came home and went back to regular life. It was good to get away, and I am glad, in the end, that I did!

2 thoughts on “KidlitCon 2015 in Pictures

  1. Great post and pictures! I'm glad you had a good time. It was so much fun walking around Baltimore with you on Sunday. You didn't tell me you went to Politics and Prose before you came to KidLitCon. That's one of my favorite bookstores!


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