Birthday Reflections

Back in February, my plans for getting a MLS derailed when the store I work at was awarded a grant by James Patterson. The owner decided that what she really wanted to do was put all the children/family/school stuff under one person and she sent out a job description that I really couldn’t turn down. And so, last March, I became the Children’s Event Coordinator.

There’s a lot that falls under my purview, from scheduling author visits (this past week it was with Judy Schachner) to helping promote children’s, middlde grade, and teen books at the store. I do outreach with the schools here in town (prepping and delivering 1800 letters was a lot of fun) with book talks and book orders and in-store book fairs. It’s all a lot of fun.

But, I have realized that my favorite thing is my Saturday morning story time/monthly party in which I get to express my inner dork.

I know this isn’t what I was thinking where I’d be last year at this time. But, I’m quite happy to be a dork at work. At least for the foreseeable future.

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