First Sunday Daughter Reviews: September 2015

School is back in session here, so we’re actually reading again! (It’s funny how that happens.) It really is lovely to see them all curled up with their noses in a book. Warms a geeky mom’s heart.

K signed up to do Battle of the Books, which brought on some raised eyebrows (much to her consternation). But she’s thrown herself into it. Her favorite book so far, which she absolutely LOVES?

A finished the Hunger Games trilogy (there were tears) and C threw this at her:

Of course. A’s been throwing around things like “THIS BOOK” and “IT’S AWESOME”. It’s so wonderful to see a book you think highly of loved by your kids.

C and E are reading this for English right now:

They’re split: C actually likes it, because it’s written like a play and she can get behind that. E is disturbed by it and can’t seem to get past that. I can understand both points of view.

And M texted that she’s reading this:

and we texted back and forth about Mr. Rochester and whether or not he’s as “good” as people make him out to be. I think we’re both Team Jane on that one.

That’s it for us. What are your kids reading?

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