First Sunday Daughter Reviews: August 2015

Amazingly enough, there has been reading done this past month! (Maybe I shamed them into it?)

C’s rehearsal schedule had a lot of down time, so she picked up these to re-read:

She says that she still doesn’t like the last one as much as the first, but that she got the symbolism and what Collins was trying to “say” better this time around.

She also convinced A to read them. (She finished Hunger Games, and is halfway through Catching Fire… which she’s not sure she “gets”. She was asking me the other day what the point of that book was.)  A also started a book group with some friends. Their first book is:

She says that the people in it are super stupid, which is driving her nuts. I tell her that it’s a good discussion point for her book group.

Hubby also took her to a local comic book store, and a very lovely employee (she said she liked helping the girls because she was a geek girl herself) picked up a couple issues of this for her

Which she really liked.

E – that’s what I’m going to call our foster daughter – went to debate camp, and has been spending her time on the internet doing research for this year’s debate season. She picked up this one for her birthday, though, and said it was a lot of fun

And K went to the library, and brought back some graphic novels. Her favorite one (which she won’t let anyone else read) was this:

She REALLY liked it. A lot.

What are your kids reading?

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