First Sunday Daughter Reviews: July 2015

I know kids are supposed to be reading in the summer. And we even signed them up for the summer reading program, and I put it on their list of chores every morning. But these girls here at home are not readers this summer.

I don’t know what I can do about that. Change the wifi password every day? Rewards? (The library program isn’t helping this year.) I lead by example: I read for a good hour or so every evening (when they’re not bugging me). But the lure of the tablets and the TV and the computer is just too strong around here (and it doesn’t help that I’m gone for 7 hours three days a week).

M did text me that she read and really loved this:

And K and Hubby are about halfway through reading this (which K complains is often boring, but is still sticking with it):

But that’s about all that’s being read.

How do you manage summer reading so that it actually gets done?

2 thoughts on “First Sunday Daughter Reviews: July 2015

  1. My younger daughter was never a big reader, and as a senior in high school, she's not reading much at all. A few V.C. Andrews books, sigh. It's hard for me to admit, but some people just aren't readers. She has been knitting, though, which is some consolation!


  2. We've been having a hard time at my house, too. My 10 yo is dyslexic – he'll listen to audiobooks all day, but it's really hard to get either him or my emergent reader, age 5, to read anything in print if they've been worn out from a full day of summer camp while I'm working. The best we can do is tell them they need to read every day, and try our best to enforce a 1 hour a day limit on screen time. (I hear the Yarn Harlot, in the short Toronto summers, had a rule of no screen time before 4 when her kids were at home – I bet that would encourage more reading, too.)


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