48 Hour Book Challenge Finish Line

So, this year was a bust. I kind of knew it would be: Hubby was gone and I was single-parenting, which means I don’t sleep well and the girls demand more of my attention. (I thought at ages 15, 11, and 9 it would be better. It’s the 9-year-old that still needs me.)

There’s a someecard that sums up what happened this weekend, but for the life of me, I can’t find it. Which also sums up this weekend.

Everything that could go wrong (from a daughter throwing up due to dehydration to a crisis with friends) did. Well, maybe not everything: The house didn’t burn down. But, every time I pulled out a book to sit down and read, it felt like I either fell asleep or someone needed something.

I shouldn’t complain. I did finish two books I’d started and read three other ones, so there’s that.
And I got in 11 1/2 hours of reading and 45 minutes of blogging/social media. (More or less. I realized while writing this that I wasn’t especially diligent.)

In retrospect: I should have started later on Friday and spent more time today reading. I think my numbers would have been higher overall if I had.

At any rate, I gave it a go. And maybe next year will be better.

7 thoughts on “48 Hour Book Challenge Finish Line

  1. I always tell the younger members of staff that real life shouldn't get in the way of reading, but they never listen. It was the older members of staff who were needy this time, but I was at least able to skim a lot of books. I'll save the good stuff for this week. Hope no one throws up for you today!


  2. And you still did enough for official participation, good job! I'm not sure I'm going to manage that… (Two-year-old, here, I first started joining in two years ago, and haven't made it to 12 yet.)


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