First Sunday Daughter Reviews: June 2015

Summer is upon us, which means library programs — they changed ours this year: everyone tracks time rather than books, which is okay, I think. It encourages the younger ones to read longer books. — and more activity, so less time for reading.

Still, everyone seems to have gotten books in.

M put this up on Facebook:

I knew she would like Uprooted; I’m glad I was right.

C hasn’t read much, mostly because the book she wants to read

I used to have but can’t seem to find now. And she recommended it to a patron at the library last week, so she can’t check it out, either.

We have taken in a foster daughter (long story) (her name also begins with M, so I need to figure out what to call her on here…), and she was interested in reading this

She ended up not liking it terribly much, saying it was trying too hard to be cool. On the other hand, she stayed up until 2:30 one night finishing it.

I gave A a Books on the Nightstand summer bingo card, and she went to the library with it. She checked out a ton of books, and then promptly discarded them all to read this

Which she’s really enjoying. You gotta go with what you love, I guess.

And K picked up a huge pile of graphic novels (of course). The one she’s gone back to a couple of times was this one

She says it’s weird, but she likes it.

What are your kids reading this summer?

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