10 Pictures from California

I recently went to the Third Annual ABA Children’s Institute as a representative from the store. It was a good conference: I met a lot of authors (got to fan girl a bit!) and learned a few things. I do have one observation on bookseller vs. blogger conferences: while the swag is better at the ABA conference, I felt a little on the outside. Perhaps it was because it was my first conference, but I just felt like there was more connection at KidlitCon, like I fit better there. Maybe that’s just me.

Either way, it was a good time.

So. Ten pictures from my weekend in California:

Santa Monica Pier

Have I ever mentioned how happy the ocean makes me?

Surfers at Venice Beach

Geoff Rodkey, Mo O’Hara, Mac Barnett, and Jory John at a humor panel at the LA Times Book Festival.

Oliver Jeffers sighting in the “wild”. 

Bonus video of his presentation with Oliver Jeffers:

Since the conference was in Pasadena, I needed to drive by the Rose Bowl.

We stopped at Vroman’s bookstore. I was in love with the chocolate display.

I managed to say hi to Jewell Parker Rhodes again.

Stopped at the 826LA store.

And since I was nearly there, went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

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